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I came into education as a TA. C.I.T then supported me to do my Teacher Training and Forest School Training. I’m now a teacher and part of the Senior Leadership Team at a special school in Spalding. I love my job, especially working with the pupils. Every day is different and you get to see a totally different side to the children, watching them grow from Year 7 to Year 11. It’s great to be on that journey with them.

C.I.T Teaching Assistant Roles –
Kathryn’s Story

I started in education as a Midday Supervisor then moved into a 1:1 TA role, supporting a pupil with SEND. C.I.T supported me on my journey to train as a Teacher, working in school with a one-day a week release to college. I am now Executive Headteacher of two special schools in Spalding. A career in education has so many benefits. The job brings so much joy each day. I love watching children grow through the school making so much progression both academically and socially. It gives you a constant feeling of being proud of the process for that child.

C.I.T Teaching Assistant Roles –
Matt’s Story

There are several wonderful examples of past apprentices who have then been supported by the Trust to train to teach and are now working as fully qualified teachers in many of our schools. As a Trust, we are committed to using local, aspirational and talented people to fill our recruitment needs. The Apprenticeship Programme has ensured we can do that!

C.I.T Apprenticeship Roles

I loved spending time with my own children when they were younger so I knew I wanted to find a job working with children but needed to challenge myself. I applied for an Apprenticeship position at Sandon School and got the job. I have never loved work so much, from spending time with the pupils, through to the learning side of the Apprenticeship. 

Sandon School –
Natasha’s story

The staff at Poplar Farm have been brilliant! They picked up on the sensitive nature of our son and made sure he got to know the staff through nursery visits prior to starting school.
Spencer walked in on his first day with a spring in his step, and has never looked back.

Poplar Farm Primary School

We saw a very quick improvement in our son’s emotional wellbeing and behaviour within just his first week at GANF Schools. Even at home he was much more settled. Stephen has come so far and exceeded our expectations. GANF have embraced his individuality.

Ambergate Sports College
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The Garth School formulated an assess-plan-do-review approach. A bespoke curriculum was created for James which centred around his interests. His negative behaviours and anxiety calmed significantly and James began to embrace school life. He is excelling in Art and has an exhibition of his work is on display in Spalding Library.

The Garth School

The new Leadership Team took swift and
effective action to bring about rapid improvements. Ofsted inspectors praised the new Head for identifying the need to develop pupils attitudes to learning and changing the way in
which they use teaching assistants to support pupils.

Caythorpe Primary School

C.I.T challenged and supported Isaac Newton to improve standards. The new Headteacher had a powerful impact on the school bringing a clarity of vision that enabled rapid improvement across the school with a relentless focus on ensuring the best for each pupil.

Isaac Newton Primary School

School was always a bad place for me. If I thought of school I would just think of being treated badly and crying a lot. The Priory is so different to anything like that, the teachers actually understand me and listen to my point of view about things. And it’s not embarrassing here if you don’t quite get something and you need extra help, the teachers just help you.

The Priory School
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Charlie loves the outdoors, it is a sensory experience for her and the fact that Garth offer so much of this within their curriculum has been pivotal to Charlie’s progression and I honestly feel that they treat her like a queen.

The Garth School
Read Charlie’s story…

Kurts runs to the car when he knows he is going to school. The staff are amazing with him. Kurts is nonverbal but he has now learnt to understand fluent English and Makaton: this means he can now communicate which was a huge part of his frustration prior to starting at Garth.

The Garth School
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