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Across ΢΢Ƶ we treat safeguarding our pupils as a priority

We believe all employees have a responsibility to be vigilant and listen to pupils if they are worried about any safeguarding issues.

If you have any safeguarding concerns, in the first instance please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the relevant Academy (details of which can be found on each school website).

If it is a Trust wide concern please contact our Trust Safeguarding Lead:safeguarding@citacademies.co.uk

At ΢΢Ƶ these 5 principles underpin everything we
do to safeguard children:

Responsibility – All staff and volunteers who choose to work in ΢΢Ƶ schools do this on the understanding that we believe safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. All of us have a responsibility to follow all trust and school polices and the ΢΢Ƶ code of conduct;
Readiness – All staff and volunteers will adhere to the principle that ‘It could happen here’ and undergo the necessary, safeguarding training required by ΢΢Ƶ to enable all our pupils and staff to keep safe;
Reporting – Everyone who works and volunteers in our schools will understand what to look for and how to report concerns to the safeguarding leads in whatever school they are working in. Records will be kept in line with the school Safeguarding Policy;
Reacting – All schools will know what action to take to address every concern raised including when to alert ΢΢Ƶ central team or external agencies where necessary;
Responding – Leaders at schools will to make sure there is the appropriate help, support and ongoing work done to make sure pupils stay safe over time.

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