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Thinking of joining ΢΢Ƶ?

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Are you considering joining a MAT?

Joining a ‘School Trust’ can seem daunting. Here are a few practical steps you might want to take to get started.

• Do some research and find out if there are strong Trusts in your local area that you think could be a good fit for your school.
• Speak with the Trust to get a sense of how they operate and their own growth plans.
• Contact the leaders of schools within the Trust, they can share their experiences with you.
• You may have a clear preference if you are already collaborating with a Trust, but keep an open mind and consider alternatives.

Learn more about us… 

΢΢Ƶ has created a climate that drives high performance and celebrates success. We provide a positive approach when inevitable challenges arise, and through the shared use of talent and resources we support all to thrive across our family.

΢΢Ƶ uses a collaborative structure to deliver training to produce excellent teachers. We develop and share ambitious curriculums and deliver targeted support to raise standards.

The ΢΢Ƶ family of schools has formed communities of practice, sharing evidence-based approaches to benefit high quality professional development to improve outcomes for children.

΢΢Ƶ also achieves economies of scale, shares resources, centralises functions, and ensures robust financial governance, in order to build resilience and save time and money to reinvest into education.

We are a growing Trust…

΢΢Ƶ currently has 14 academies across the East Midlands – 7 primary schools, 7 special schools, and the LEARN SEND Hub.

We operate in three main counties: Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire, providing mainstream primary and all-through special education.

Benefits of joining the ΢΢Ƶ family…

Becoming a ΢΢Ƶ school means joining a supportive education family.

We provide a central Support Hub to our schools offering a comprehensive suite of services to enable academies to focus on teaching and learning.

The benefits are extensive and include:

– School Improvement
– Safeguarding Support
– Projects and Estates
– ICT 
– HR & Payroll
– Governance Support
– Bid-writing 
– PR & Marketing
– Health & Safety and Risk Management
– GDPR & Legal Support
– Wide-ranging choice of training courses via the LEARN SEND Hub

Smooth Transition

We have an experienced Projects and Conversions Team to help guide you through the process of joining ΢΢Ƶ enabling a smooth transition for foundation schools, maintained schools and academies alike.

Working Together

Working within our ΢΢Ƶ family is a collaborative experience. Children are provided with exceptional care and an education that prepares them for their adult life no matter what their background or starting points.

If you would like to learn more about the process?
Please contact Jane Starbuck on 03300 585 520 or you can email Jane using the button below:


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